Preparation for Tomorrow Today

At Silvermine Academy, we believe that school is simply a stepping stone to life. It is our duty to best prepare our students for the challenging choices of studying and careers. We use the EDUvelopment platform to guide and strengthen our students. 

Purpose, Path, Preparation

EDUvelopment is an all-in-one online career guidance platform for high school learners, offering easy access to subject choices and career assessments, career guidance and skills development.

Early exposure to career options has numerous benefits for learners!

It increases the likelihood of learners making well-informed career choices that are aligned with their strengths, values and aspirations.  Their schooling then links with these real-world applications, giving them reasons to enhance their focus, commitment and overall academic performance. 

Flexibility and adaptability are predicted to be among the most sort after future workplace skills. EDUvelopment allows high school learners to start practising these and many other skills early on. By participating in our age-appropriate skills programmes, learners will be equipped with the capabilities needed to thrive in life, even in the unconventional and innovative careers of the future.