Education with purpose.

The SMA Success Story

Silvermine Academy is an independent high school nestled in the foothills of the Silvermine Nature Reserve. Our students write the IEB NSC Assessment at the end of their school career. This curriculum is on par with the international benchmark for university entry and at Silvermine Academy we teach it at the cutting edge of educational practice. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to teaching students in small class groups. It is an inclusive school offering extended opportunities for students who learn at a fast pace and interventions for those who need it. We prepare and develop young people for the 21st century world with a blend of proven methodologies and innovative technological integration. We are fully accredited by Umalusi and we are a dues paying member of ISASA.

The school was founded in 2005 when the need arose in the Valley for a high school with small classes and the facilities to provide students with individual attention. Since then Silvermine Academy has been a fixture in the Fish Hoek and Noordhoek communities. Our roots run deep in our relationships with our community both inside and outside the school. Every structure in the school is designed to make students feel part of the family. 

The Story of our logo

The school's logo is a stylised African Eagle Owl inspired by the design concept of Jasper Gregory. His design concept won an internal competition in 2021 when he was in Grade 10. The school has since re-branded with the owl at the centre of the campaign.

According to Jasper, the owl symbolises education, flight and wisdom. 

We proudly claim this image as a emblem of success for every student who passes through our gates. Jasper's achievement is a testament to the lasting SMA legacy in the lives of its students. 

Education Through Play

Play is central to the Silvermine Academy campus environment. This gives students the opportunity to experiment with social skills such as teamwork and conflict resolution in a safe way. Fun and laughter are the two strongest antidotes to social isolation. We have two ping pong tables and a  basketball net on campus for students to use during break. 

Connection and care

We believe that empathy is the most important 21st century skill!  We support the journey of every young person under our care through emotionally honest discourse and reflective discipline. Emotionally honest discourse is the practice of allowing students to speak without judgement and teaching them to listen attentively to others in return. You can read more about our approach to practical empathy here


At Silvermine Academy we have unique way of mentoring our students from their very first day at our high school. Each grade is divided into two mentor classes, each class is assigned to a specific teacher who is with that group until they graduate. That means that the same teacher supports and guides some students for five years. The relationships built over that time are invaluable! The mentor teacher is also responsible for guiding the weekly mentor session with their class. During the timetabled mentor session the students are guided to discuss real life topics such as cyber-bullying, friendship, environmentalism and many more. You can read one of our teachers' experiences of the mentor program on our blog

Citizens of the Global Village

Silvermine Academy blends face to face learning with the tools of the future. All teachers are Google certified and use the online tools such as Google Classroom and Google Workspace to teach effectively.

Students are given access to a digital education on a variety of devices at school: iPads and workstations. They are also encouraged to bring their own devices, provided that these can access the Google tools. 

We are living in a world that is constantly changing. Educational  research shows that we are well into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and in a few years from now the world will be a very different place. We aim to guide our students to understand global citizenship and embrace change with critical thinking and agility. Technology is not a replacement for teaching but rather a tool with which we can improve the world around us for everybody.

Extra Murals

We offer a range of extra murals aimed at individual students and small groups. These extra activities are only offered if there is an interest from the student cohort. 

Although we do not offer traditional team sports we encourage learners to pursue their physical interests. Many learners participate in team sports at other schools like Fish Hoek High or at the Fish Hoek and Noordhoek Sports Clubs. 

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