A New Era of Student Leadership

Revamped Student Election Process

Change is the hallmark of progress, and Silvermine Academy has embraced this ethos wholeheartedly in our recent transformation of the student leadership election process. Departing from tradition, we have ushered in a more rigorous and structured approach, mirroring the election process typically reserved for committees or boards. The rigorous election process shapes the future leadership landscape and also serves as a valuable lesson in the workings of democracy and civic participation. This year, we have elevated this process to a whole new level, aligning it more closely with real-world decision-making scenarios.

Defining Leadership Qualities

Our journey towards this transformation began with our Grade 11 students. We believe that true leadership is not just about holding a title but also about possessing certain qualities that inspire and drive positive change.

The Grade 11 students and their mentor teachers deliberated on the key leadership qualities we value and cherish in our SMA leaders. This process wasn't just about articulating a list of virtues but about deepening our collective understanding of leadership itself. We found a solid foundation through the Centre for Creative Leadership

The Willingness to Stand

With a clear vision of what leadership entails, the next step was for our students to express their willingness to step up and lead. This declaration of intent occurred during a formal meeting, where each prospective candidate signalled their readiness to take on this crucial role.

However, our process isn't complete with mere declarations. It's about validating the commitment of these aspiring leaders. This means that by the end of the very same day, they needed to secure nominations from their Grade 11 peers. The nomination must be done according the criteria below: 



Strong Work Ethic

The skills to tackle responsibilities with diligence and a positive attitude.  These skills include:

Manners and Respect

Being guided by kindness and empathy, a leader extends respect to parents, teachers and peers.

Honouring the School's Uniform, Rules, and Policies

Respect for the school uniform, ethos and rules. Someone who sets an example for other people.


A good attendance record at school. Including punctuality and commitment to being present when at school. 

Participation in Extracurricular Activities

Attending school events and participating in school functions. 

This requirement isn't just a formality; it underscores the importance of peer support and the belief that leadership is a collective endeavour.

Teacher Endorsement

Leadership is a responsibility, and responsibility merits endorsement. To further underscore the seriousness of the role, teacher endorsement is essential. A teacher needs to second the nomination of each candidate, affirming their suitability and readiness for the leadership position.

The Power of Persuasion

One of the most exciting aspects of our new election process is the opportunity for candidates to present their strengths and vision as leaders to the entire school during a dedicated assembly. This platform allows candidates to articulate their ideas, showcase their leadership qualities, and share their vision for Silvermine Academy.

This presentation isn't just about campaigning; it's an exercise in persuasion and leadership articulation. It's where our candidates demonstrate their understanding of leadership's nuances and their passion for guiding our school towards a brighter future.

The Voice of the School

In the end, it all boils down to the most critical component of any democratic process - the vote. Our students, the heart and soul of Silvermine Academy, have the privilege and responsibility of electing their leaders. They cast the votes and not the teachers.

This new election process embodies the core values of Silvermine Academy - citizenship, leadership, and community. It's a journey that prepares our students not just for leadership within the school but also for a lifetime of civic engagement and responsible decision-making. We believe that by instilling these values at an early stage, we are not just nurturing leaders for today, but for tomorrow as well.

In conclusion, the revamped student leadership election process at Silvermine Academy represents a significant step forward in our commitment to nurturing responsible, empathetic, and visionary leaders. It's a reflection of our dedication to preparing our students for a future where leadership is not just a role but a way of life.