Silvermine Academy - Inside Out

Silvermine Academy is a true beacon of education, known not only for its exceptional academic prowess but also for its clean, interactive, and beautiful facilities that enhance the student experience.

Nature is a significant part of Silvermine’s facilities. Students can connect with one another and participate in various outdoor activities, such as ping-pong and chess. They learn to appreciate and conserve nature and extend their working environment to the outdoors.

Some of the plants grown at Silvermine are indigenous and can only be found in South Africa. For example, the flower Strelitzia, also known as the Bird of Paradise flower or the crane flower, is native to the Cape Province.

Silvermine is more than just a school; it’s a calm and bright community hub. Various spaces within the facilities allow students to meet, learn from each other, and feel a sense of belonging.

In our school’s beautiful facilities, our favorite places to reconnect with one another after classes include the chessboard outside, surrounded by the school’s peaceful greenery. Another favorite spot is behind the school by the benches, where we can enjoy our lunches together or do our work under the sheltered shade.

Silvermine Academy’s facilities function as a foundation for a calm and enriching experience that is both educational and social.

Written and photographed by our nature loving Grade 9's:  Sophia de Waal, Theasha Arumugam, and Olivia Paulsen-Abbott