Welcome to Empathy Exchange

At Silvermine Academy, we believe in the power of community and the invaluable role parents play in the educational and emotional development of their children. Our initiative, Empathy Exchange aims to bring together parents and guardians from the SMA community and the Valley, to offer a platform to share experiences, insights, and support in a journey that can often feel isolating. 

The Empathy Exchange series is designed to foster a community of support among parents, enabling engaging conversations on topics that touch upon the challenges and triumphs of parenting. By facilitating an environment where experiences are shared openly, we hope to strengthen the network of care around our children and enhance the partnership between home and school.

We will be inviting guest speakers who are experts in fields relevant to parenting and education. Our inaugural sessions will feature Sarah Prince, who will guide discussions on Neurodivergence and Anxiety, setting the stage for future talks on Screen Time, Mental Health, and more. These gatherings, held at Silvermine Academy, are shaped by the evolving needs of our parent community, ensuring relevance to our audience. We will release the dates for the rest of the year's sessions soon!

Empathy Exchange is open to all parents, guardians, and interested parties in the Valley. Whether you're navigating the complexities of ADHD, seeking strategies for managing screen time, or simply looking for a supportive community, you'll find a place here. Our sessions, grounded in inclusivity, respect, understanding, and collaboration, aim to empower each participant in their parenting journey.

Participation in Empathy Exchange is easy and open. For in-person events at Silvermine Academy interested attendees can RSVP by emailing info@sma.education

Our welcoming space is designed to adapt and evolve, reflecting the collective voice and needs of our parent community.

Our Vision
Through Empathy Exchange, we aim to cultivate a sense of belonging among parents, reinforcing the idea that education is a shared responsibility. By providing a space for support and dialogue, we hope to contribute to a community where every parent feels understood, valued, and empowered. Together, let's embrace the journey of parenting with open hearts and minds, for in unity, we find strength.

By: Urshula Saindon