Silvermine Academy

Cooperative. Confident. Competent.

Our Vision

We are the go-to independent High School in the South! Here young people are nurtured through the challenging teen years to graduate as cooperative, confident and competent adults. 

How we put that into practice

We offer a structured learning environment where we focus on wellbeing: 

We have had an 100% IEB pass rate in Gr.12 for the last 10 years.

Academic Information

We offer Grade 8-12 education in classes of no more than 25 students per grade. This high-touch student to teacher ratio allows us to provide quality education tailored to the needs of our individual students.

At Grade 8-9 our learners do the CAPS curriculum supplemented with ICT integration and 4iR skills. Our students do the complete set of prescribed CAPS subjects. Students are guided through the subject choice process into a direction instead of a specific career path. 

In Grade 10-12 we offer a wide range of subjects. Students write the IEB NSC exam which is equivalent to a CAPS NSC certificate and is accepted as an international benchmark for university acceptance. 

Subjects Offered in Grades 10-12


Chosen Subjects:

Subject Choices

Choosing subjects for a career path is a daunting task. 

At Silvermine Academy, we have a secret weapon. We use EDUvelopment.

Academic Support

Although there is plenty of support in the classroom throughout the school day our teachers also offer Study Classes in the afternoons after school where students can request extra lessons on specific topics with specific teachers. This extra support is included in the school fee. 

Technology Integration

At Silvermine Academy we use Google for Education. We recommend that students have their own device that is compatible with Google Apps. Wi-Fi is available for students to use when they are on campus and only ONE device can be registered per student. Devices are available for students to use from the device bank under supervision of a teacher. 

Google Classroom is the main way through which we share resources and make teachers' planning accessible to students. We also strongly encourage students to use the Google Apps when creating and submitting assignments. If a student requires assistance and training they can reach out to any member of the Silvermine Academy team, all of our teachers are Google certified and IT support is available at school during campus hours. 

Read some more about why Google for Education can help to prepare our students for a future of cloud based work. 


Our campus is located in the quiet suburb of Sun Valley just off the M64. Where we have transformed several residential properties into a beautiful, welcoming campus. 

44 Brigantine Avenue, Sun Valley, Fish Hoek, 7975

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Campus Hours

7:00 - 16:00 Monday and Thursday

7:00 - 14:30 Friday

School Hours

7:45 - 14:30 Monday and Thursday

7:45 - 13:00 Friday