As a Non-Profit community school, Silvermine Academy is committed to the lift-as-you-rise principle. We believe that wellbeing comes from generosity and investment in our local communities and the natural world.  This principle applies to our students, our natural setting and the people around us. 

Our Community and Environmental Pledges for 2023

E-Waste Program

Starting in March 2023, we will be introducing an e-Waste initiative to the valley. We will bring together different schools across our communities to collect and sell e-Waste. 

Citizenship Project 

Over the course of 2023 we pledge to assist the City of Cape Town to clean, repair and maintain the Sun Valley park in our community. We believe that citizenship begins at home! 


The SRC of 2022 raised funds and pruchased recycling bins for the SMA campus. During 2023 we pledge to continue the practice of Recycling at Silvermine Academy. 

Our Community and Environmental Pledges for 2022

Support owl conservation

In support of our logo's inspiration we pledge to donate R10 of every branded item sold to owl conservation. We have also adopted an Owl for it's rehabilitation period.

Plant every tree we print

We pledge to plant a tree for every tree we print. Using a special calculator we are able to get an accurate number of trees we owe. We will then propagate that number of indigenous trees and plant them in the area.

Go grid-lite

As of 2022 we will be going Grid-lite. This means that 2/3 of our electricity will be generated by solar panels around the school. Combined with inverters and batteries we will have a stable power supply even during load shedding.

"When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

Maya Angelou

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